How To Make An Electric Guitar Sound Acoustic

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How To Make An Electric Guitar Sound AcousticSometimes a guitarist takes his electric guitar to gigs but often wishes that he could make a quick changeover to an acoustic guitar. The alternative to carrying an extra guitar around is to fiddle with the controls to try and get an acoustic sound or get an acoustic guitar simulator. If you have a decent amp you should be able to get a nice clean sound, so you could try using the pickup nearest the guitar neck which gives a less dry sound than the bridge pickup. Or you could combine the neck and the middle pickups. Another trick is to use as little treble as possible.

There are a few pedals available that claim to emulate the sound of an acoustic guitar. One that gives a great sound is the Boss AC-3. It even includes the extraneous noise produced by the acoustic guitar. The purchase price is less than what you would pay for an acoustic and it gives you the sound of several different acoustics plus reverb. Using a gadget like this gives a better acoustic sound than adjusting your pickups and controls.

Here’s a video showing the Boss AC-3 at work . . .

I’ve picked the Boss AC-3 as an example of an effective acoustic simulator but there are others around, so do a search before going out and buying one, and make sure you get some coaching on how to set it up and use it.

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