Free Guitar Lesson PDF’s

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You can download any or all of these free books. You can keep them for reference, link to them by voting for them on a social networking site, or give them away from your own website. All I ask is that you keep the links contained in the books intact.
To download the books just right click the title, choose Save Target As from the drop-down menu, and decide on the directory you want to save them in.
If you want to upload the PDFs to your website you will need to use the file manager in your web host’s control panel or install an FTP client.
If you only want to read the books in your browser, just left click the title.

Is Bass Guitar Easier To Play?
Beginner guitarists often find themselves wondering about the bass guitar. Is it easier or harder to play? Should I give it a try? Does having only four strings make it simpler to play?

How To Play Guitar Chords
If you are a beginner guitar player who is feeling a little put off at the thought of
learning complex-looking chords, I can tell you now that it’s better to just do it!
There are some short cuts the guitarists use to get out of learning difficult chords
but in the end you are not really saving yourself any trouble.

Learn How To Play The Electric Guitar
If you have been thinking all your life about learning how to play the electric guitar and you’ve decided to put your dream into action you need to start looking for an electric guitar.

Blues Guitar Tips – How to Perform Left Hand Techniques
If you have a hankerin’ to be a blues guitar player but don’t know how to start,
there is no better way than to immerse yourself in the recordings of the blues
guitar players of the twentieth century.

How to Solo With The Minor Pentatonic Scale
The two pentatonic scales we use in guitar solos are the major pentatonic and the minor pentatonic scale.