How To Use Guitar Pro

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This is a quick guide for anybody who wants to learn how to use the Guitar Pro guitar tab editor. For anybody who does not know, Guitar Pro is a guitar tab editor with a suite of other really handy tools for newbie or experienced guitar players and composers. Guitar Pro gives a guitar player the ability to translate his musical ideas to written tab or musical notation, hear his music played back and share his compositions with others.

The guitar composer can import his tabs from other formats like ASCII or MIDI or enter his music by playing it on the computer’s MIDI. Alternatively you can use the mouse to play it on Guitar Pro’s fretboard or by simply using the computer keyboard.

Guitar Pro has an interface that lets you view your composition to best advantage, displaying any number or tracks and scrolling vertically or horizontally. You can switch from tab to music notation and back, of if you can’t read music, you can hear what your music sounds like. You can keep track of where the music is up to while it plays using the moving cursor.

If you are a new guitarist trying to get a repertoire together, you will be needing some kind of tool to help you learn solos fast. Guitar Pro’s advantage for the beginner guitar player is that it will import music in other formats and play it back at any speed you want. You can even loop a guitar solo and have it play slower each time the loop restarts. What makes Guitar Pro really good for the newbie is that so many other people use it and share their tabs on the net. You will find thousands of popular songs already formatted for you to learn.

Guitar Pro includes some other useful tools for the guitarist. The chord diagram generator shows you all chords known to mankind and inserts any chord you want into your music. You can also listen to a wide range of scales in the program and view them on the fretboard. You can also tune your guitar using the built-in tuners.

If you want to know how to use guitar Pro you will need to be able to read guitar tab. If you do not know how to read tab, don’t worry, the manual tells you how. It also tells you how to read rhythm notation so that you can learn to follow the rhythm of a song on the screen without having to hear it to know what it sounds like.

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