How To Play Guitar – The Easy Way

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The easy way to learn guitar is the same as the easy way to learn to drive a car, change a diaper or build a rabbit hutch. Take baby steps and take care. If you want to get learning to play guitar right, then you first need to know the basic elements of the process. This article is for the newbie guitar player who at the moment is fumbling around but hopes to be actually playing the guitar within three to sixth months. The basic elements I am going to outline can be grasped within a week. You will be doing some searching on the internet for the tools you need, and once you have downloaded or bookmarked them, you are on your way. Your medium term goal is to learn a few basic chords that will enable you to play hundreds of songs. Your routine practice will be to work on changing your basic chords cleanly.

In the beginning is learning how to hold the guitar. If you are going to be an electric guitar player, you will probably be standing up when you are on stage, but when you practice, you will be sitting, just the same as an acoustic guitar player.

When you are sitting practicing your guitar, you are going to be putting pressure on your back, arms and shoulders so you will need to do a web search for some instruction on how to hold the guitar. The next thing you need to get right are your hand positions. The left and right hand each have their own roles in playing the guitar and you need to allow them to do their jobs without too much tension and without the risk of injury further down the track. Your favorite search engine will help you find pictures of how to place your left hand on the guitar neck and how to position your right hand for finger picking or plectrum playing.

Your first guitar can be a friend you share memories with your whole life or it can be a part of your life you would rather forget. This is where advice from a friend comes in. If you do not go looking for your first guitar with someone who know about guitars, you are leaving the whole thing to chance. Of course if money is no object, you just go into a store and buy a top of the range guitar and hope that it has no flaws. If you do not have a friend who can help you with buying your first guitar then read up on the subject as much as you can. You will find advice in guitar forums very helpful. Just type “guitar forum” into a search box without the quotes and you join the first few. You will find the members of all guitar forums extremely willing to help out a new guitar player.

Once you have bought your guitar, there are two skills you must learn. Tuning your guitar and changing your strings on a regular basis. The AP Guitar Tuner is a very versatile and user-friendly free guitar tuner.

The final essential ingredient is practice. Practice must be regular. If you want to be able to strum chords to accompany songs, then if you practice for half an hour a day minimum, every day (that is seven days a week) you should be a passable guitar player after about a month. The half hour per day should be focused practice, not just doodling. Your teacher, if you have one, will help you to organize your practice into small, practical goals. Make a habit of using a metronome to help you to learn to play slowly before attempting to play faster. What I mean by that is you can learn to play one or two songs all the way through on your guitar without major mistakes and with a reasonable amount of assurance.

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