How To Play “One” By Metallica

  • SumoMe

How To Play Well . . . a solo from it anyway. Metallica songs are so easy to learn and so satisfying to play, that if you are looking for songs to learn that are not too difficult, go looking for more Metallica videos on YouTube.

If you want to get right into Metallica’s music, get hold of a copy of “Learn To Play Guitar With Metallica”. This is a book designed for absolute beginners who want to learn some Metallica riffs. It also contains a CD and tab, chord diagrams and sheet music. The songs include: Until It Sleeps, Hero Of The Day, Bleeding Me, Mama Said, One and many more. The full songs are not there – just the riffs.

If you want the full tab for Metallica songs, the Metallica tabs page is the place to go.

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