How To Store An Acoustic Guitar

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If you are going to be storing your acoustic guitar for any length of time, there are certain steps you need to take so that you don’t unpack your guitar and find that it is in worse shape than when you last saw it. An acoustic guitar is made of thin layers of wood that can crack, peel and separate from each other under certain conditions so let’s take a look at what we can do to keep this delicate instrument in top condition.

If you are going to be transporting your acoustic guitar, putting it in bubble wrap is advisable. Pack it tight so that all the little spaces in the crate or guitar case are filled. Those solid bits or foam you can get for packing things may not be a good idea for shipping a guitar because they could follow gravity into a corner, leaving delicate parts of your guitar open to getting banged around.

Some people think that the strings on your acoustic guitar need to be loosened for storage so as not to put too much strain on the neck and body, but in fact, your guitar will be much better off but the tension in the strings actually helps the components of the guitar to stay in balance.

The biggest enemy of an acoustic guitar left in storage is sharp changes in temperature and humidity. Unstable humidity and temperature have a bad effect on the wood and the guitar’s intonation.

Actually, a stable environment is not hard to achieve. If you keep your guitar under your bed, in its case, it should be quite okay. If you store your guitar in a closet, that’s okay too. If you keep it in your car, well why would you do that? The best thing you can do for your acoustic guitar is get a hard case for it. Not a bag, a case. A guitar case is your best friend when it comes to holding the temperature within reasonable limits.

If you live near the ocean in a warm climate, you could think about getting a pack of silica. If drastic humidity is not part of your life, just remember to keep your guitar out of direct sunlight. This can take some discipline for some people, especially if they put the guitar in a sunny corner when it is winter and leave it there till the temperature gets to serious anti-guitar proportions.

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